PalasJyoti Dutta

Customer Engagement Is the Key to Winning Customer Loyalty

Building strong relationships with customers is the key to a successful business. Customer engagement is essential in promoting brand loyalty. A positive customer experience promotes repeated business and referrals. Retailers who provide consistent customer engagement build long term relationships with their customers.
A high percentage of consumers who feel engaged have positive sentiments towards the brands hence winning their trust and loyalty. Consequently happy customers bring their friends and family to your business next time they visit. On the other hand customer dissatisfaction may be due to poor sales staff’s engagement skills, lack of rewards, flexibility value, and lack of a seamless multichannel experience results in brand switching.

How can better engagement help to improve loyal customer base?

According to a global customer satisfaction survey conducted by Genesys Worldwide poor customer relationships impact negatively on many business investments. It goes on to emphasize on how better customer engagement can have positive outcomes in business. We live in a fast changing world where competition is fierce. For any retailer to remain relevant he should be ahead of the pack at all times with your tactics. Improving on customer engagement is one area that every businessman should consider working on for business growth and development.

To keep customers coming back to your shop you have to go an extra mile with your customer loyalty programs. Rude staffs, high prices, lack of rewards are some of the things you should consider reviewing to retain and win new customers. Below we have outlined several ways that can lead to better customer engagement to promote brand loyalty.

New ways of engaging your customers are:

1. Embrace Modern Technology

Customer centric inbound marketing is the latest trend in smart business world. We live in a fast advancing technology world where customers prefer to shop online for convenience. Today the vast majority of consumers have a smartphone that can easily access the internet. A McKinsey study conducted in Asia indicates that Asian financial consumers responded very well to digital banking after feeling that they were considered immensely. This resulted in a high level of customer loyalty in many financial institutions. Another survey conducted by Right Now(1)found that India’s largest international bank Standard Chartered Bank experience remarkable customer base growth after launching the country’s first instant online credit card approval solution program. Customers responded positively due to the fact that they could save time by applying for a card online as compared to standing in long queues. Embracing modern technology is an easy way of providing a seamless experience across stores all over the World.

2. Discounts

This is one of the simple ways of engaging your customers. It works perfectly well in both mature markets like the UK and USA as well as in developing ones like India; Malaysia and Philippines.

For instance the Indian economy has experienced a healthy growth thanks to better customer engagement. A typical Indian customer will remain loyal to a brand that allows him/her to bargain. This is a perfect example of why offering products and services at discounts is an incredible tactic of driving greater customer loyalty in business. Discounted prices are excellent in terms of up selling and creating long term lifetime value of consumers.

3. Offer rewards

Many retailers practice customer loyalty programs that stick to traditional reward patterns. In this kind of program clients get rewarded after purchasing something. As a result this product helps retailers to improve engagement with their consumer while building customer loyalty. For example a Malaysian telecommunication company that rewards its customers with free airtime after accumulative points will experience tremendous customer loyalty and retention.

4. Better Communication

Customers respond well when they feel that their special needs are well understood. Retailers whether in small scale or large scale focus on creating a meticulous communication system. Your staff members should be polite, respectful, reliable and good listeners and should be able to give good recommendation to customers to build trust and loyalty. One more way is to create a communication channel allowing customers to give feedback, opinions and besure to respond to their comments. This way you will be giving them an exclusive experience that many fail in delivering. This tactic has been very effective globally.


In Europe and their other western counterparts customers are accustomed to premium service delivery. However this is not always the case in developing markets such as India, Philippines and Malaysia. As a result more customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
An excellent example of how adopting high levels of service delivery can yield good results is Tanishq an Indian jewelry brand. Through their well-designed and exclusive customer engagement they have managed to win over many customers despite their higher prices. The bottom line is that better customer engagement is the key to sustaining profitability and stimulating greater customer loyalty in business.