1.What is Pika, do I need to have a smartphone to use Pika ?

Pika is an inclusive digital platform where customers can use their mobile number to earn rewards on the spending and visits to the stores.

Anyone with a Mobile phone (not necessarily a smartphone) can register to Pika

2. How do I register with Pika ?

If you have a smartphone you download the Pika app from either apple store or Play store. Follow the prompts to register using your mobile number and start earning rewards.

For non-smartphone users you can register to the program at any PIKA enabled Businesses using the Pika terminal available within the stores.

3. Is the registration time consuming ?

No the registration can be done in less than a min using just your mobile number and fill in your name and other optional details.

4. After registering, what next?

After registering to pika you can earn rewards for visits and purchases at PIKA enabled Businesses. Just enter the Store, use your mobile number to login (Smartphone users can use their QR code) and start earning points.

5. How do i register with a Business’s loyalty program?

You visit a PIKA enabled store and enter your mobile number or scan your QR code in the PIKA Terminal available at the store front, you will be automatically registered.

6.How do I earn loyalty points?

For every purchase at pika stores you will receive loyalty points based on the business offer. On Special occasions you will receive surprise points and offers on your visit to stores.

7. How does the loyalty points work?

The loyalty points are arranged at the business level. Each business may have multiple stores. So your points that you earn from all these stores are consolidated as Business Points. These can be redeemed at any store owned by the business.

8.Can i use points earned from one business to redeem rewards from other business?

No, points earned from a specific business can be used across all stores from that business, not at the stores of other business.

9.How long are my loyalty points valid?

Validity of Business points are dependent on the settings defined by the business owner. The details of the expiry are displayed on the PIKA app, we will also be sending you regular updates on the validity of your points to ensure that you track your points effectively.

10. How do I redeem my Points.

Each business defines Redemption rewards. You can utilize the points to claim these rewards.

11.Can i redeem my points on total bill amount?

No you cannot redeem the points on the total bill amount. The Points are only to be utilized to claim configured rewards.

12.How to redeem rewards?

At the store you can claim your rewards using your mobile phone number or the QR code of your PIKA application. The store staff will guide you on the process.

13. How do I track my Points.

On the Pika App, The Business points are visible in each store page belonging to the specific business. For Non Smartphone users, we have the option for them to view the points at the PIKA terminal dashboard of the business store they visit.

14. If I have enrolled for multiple businesses can I see all the points at the same time.

No, each business will display the points earned in the stores belonging to that business at the store screens of those business only.

15. Can I monitor all my Activities.

Yes, you may monitor all your activities from “my activities” page.

16. How often are points and activities updated on “my activities” page

Usually the all transactions are done in near real time and hence you will be able to monitor your activities in near real time. However due to connectivity issues or speed of internet connection there may be a few minutes’ delay in the updating process. If you still have trouble please contact us at support@pika.io

17. What is use of the Chat function?

 The chat function is designed as a real time interactive platform between the stores and the customers.

Using the Chat function you can directly chat with business representative to book table at restaurant, fix appointment at your favourite SPA or post any other business related queries. You can even directly call a business representative.

18. What are the message and notification pages.

When a business sends you any communications to you they appear in the message and notification pages. Only businesses where you have registered can send you in-app notifications.

Login and Account related FAQ.

1. What if I change my Mobile number or lost my mobile number. How do I login into my account. Will I have access to all my points.

Be assured that your points are safe with us even if you change or lost your mobile number provided you have updated your email ID and date of birth in the profile page.

In the event of mobile number loss / change, you may contact us with your registered email ID and Date of birth, we will update your mobile number to the new one, and you can continue to login.

2. I forgot my Pin, how do I login.

You may utilize forgot pin option on your pika app or the PIKA terminal to receive a new pin to your registered mobile number as an SMS.

3. I have issues with my Business points, who do I contact.

If you have any issues with the business points, please contact the store manager via chat and they will help you in addressing your concern

4. I have issues with my Pika Mobile application, who do I contact

Please contact support@pika.io and we will respond to your queries and resolve them at the earliest.


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