We Got All You Need

Build the best customer engagement and experience for your business. You know the best how to do it? We provide you all the tools!


A Feature Rich Digital Reward Program

Watch the video to see how Pika helps create a personalized reward program for your customers.


Know Your Customers

Do you know who visits your stores, who are the most valued customers for your businesses. Pika helps you gather customer data seamlessly. A Pika customer can register with your business with one tap. Now, you can know your customers and make them happy based on their preferences and loyalty.


Let Your Customer Chat

Now you have a personal chat channel with Pika. Next time a customer wants to visit you, book a table or just want to know about new arrivals or availability – they chat through Pika. This is your dedicated channel to talk to your customers. You may reply at your convenience. No more hassle with phone calls or public chat like WhatsApp or Viber.

360 Degree Engagement System

In digital age, it is inevitable that you make an impression with your customers and provide them most rewarding experience with seamless communication.


Let your loyal customers tell you what they think about your business. Their likes, dislikes and recommendation will help you improve your business every day.


Are you organizing special party on a public holiday? Or maybe celebrating a festival. Notify your loyal customers. Ask them to walk in and be part of your celebration.


A customer left a negative feedback? No worries, reach out to them through a sweet message. Show them you care for them and offer them to visit you again for better experience.

Self-Driven Offers

Have you thought about reaching out to customers with today’s offer as soon as they walk in. Or, may be reach out to customers on their birthdays. It’s impossible to do it manually. When using Pika, you just configure it once and it works like a ‘self-driven’ car at the background and reach out to customers just at right moments. No hassle for you- maximum satisfaction for your customers.


Track Progress

We don’t just promise, we prove it. Don’t take out words for success, track it through our analytics dashboards. Know your member growth, feedback response and efficiency – for all your locations. Our customer insights module help you track your customers value, preference and loyalty.

Ready to Start? It’s Very Simple

Follow just three steps and you will have a full-featured engagement system running for your business in minutes.

Step 1

Get Pika and Set Up Your Reward Program

Claim your FREE TRIAL today. Fill in some basic information about your business, planned rewards and off you go. We will make your business live in minutes.

Step 2

Start Registering Customers

Download our business application and start registering your customers with Pika. First few weeks, invest effort to get as many customers as possible into your loyalty club. It’s as simple as using mobile to pay money. 

Step 3

Engage Customers and Track Progress

As your customer database start growing; start exploring our engagement features to offer and engage customers regularly. With a few simple steps, you can increase retention of your customers and increase their revisits.


$ 29 per month
  • Reward Club
  • Member Tracking
  • Limited Event Driven Campaign (Automatic)
  • CHAT-Limited
  • Analytics - Limited
  • Active Members Upto 5K/Store


Custom Pricing
  • All Basic Features
  • Complete Campaign Suit (Event Driven and Promotions)
  • Complete CHAT
  • Customer Feedback
  • Complete Analytics
  • Active Members 100K/Store


Custom Pricing
  • If you are an Enterprise, have millions of customers and transactions, need specific customizations and integrations with ERP, POS or Campaign Tool - Please talk to us.

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